The importance of vision in SEO

If you’ve read many SEO articles on the web, you’ve undoubtedly heard the clich© “Content is king,” and then heard it again, and again, and again. This is a point that many bloggers across the web are hammering in and for good reason: for all the “wow” factor of slick websites, the web is an information economy and those sites that neglect to inform quickly slip to obsolescence.

But even the most content in the world won’t necessarily help you—what your web site also needs is a clear objective that every page on it is trying to achieve. This vision of your site—whether it’s to promote your new widget, get people to date each other, or to nobly inform people about health dangers—should be at the core of every page and in the back of the mind of every content writer. Without this overall vision, your site is like static from a radio: making a whole lot of noise but saying nothing.

Even if you feel you have a successful site and have traffic results to prove it, think about what you’re really trying to say and evaluate every page in regards to its achieving that message. To use another analogy, I often think about a web site in terms of a book, where every page tells part of the story but the story itself is more than the sum of all the individual pages.

It’s easy to get swamped by all the technical rigors of web design and neglect the bigger picture. It’s also easy to write content keenly aware of the keyword density and heading structure and still miss the bigger picture. The true ars technica of web development is a combination of the mechanical tasks necessary to conveying the message and staying true to the message itself. By keeping our awareness of the reason we’re writing every line the way we’re writing it, we’ll stay closer in touch with our audience, ultimately creating a better experience for search engines and people alike.

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