Three Workplace Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes

Every Day Is A Fresh Start

Calvin and Hobbs 1

Just thinking about those five words will make it much easier to get out of bed in the morning before work. A new day is a clean slate and although it is a cliché, you really never know what is going to happen when you arrive at work. New opportunities can sprout up in any type of career on a daily basis. It’s on you to take advantage and make the most of them. If you don’t have a great day at work, leave it behind, head home to recharge the batteries and return the next day refreshed, optimistic and open minded.

Be Creative

Calvin and Hobbs 2

Creativity is valuable in nearly every aspect of business, not merely the places we most expect it: music, writing and the visual arts. Attracting interest to your business is vital and involves using imagination and creativity in crafting your message and speaking to what people actually want to hear. Being insanely proactive with customer service or managing monetary resources in such a way that it sets you apart from other companies, are two ways in which we contribute to a unique and ultimately creative workplace. Creativity isn’t just an artistic resource, but one that can be applied to the internal workings of your business and its outreach efforts.


Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Calvin and Hobbs 3.gif

Accepting blame for a mistake is the first step in righting the ship and correcting the problem at hand. Of course it is always a good idea to reflect and look back on how the problem arose and why but this should only be done after admitting culpability. By initially admitting your involvement in an error, you accept responsibility and remind everyone you work with that you are indeed human. Take some notes, learn from the experience and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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