Web Advertising, Marketing and SEO are Very Measurable

measuring cupYesterday I spoke to the Mid-Maine Chamber about Social Media for Business and I am putting the finishing touches on my Measuring Social Media presentation for Social Media FTW. Needless to say, I have been thinking a lot about measuring social media, web marketing and even SEO.

Before working at Hall, I worked for a large radio station group. Before the radio station, I worked for a small magazine. In those years of experience I don’t remember clients or advertisers asking for the ROI of their ad. It was just something they did. In the case of radio, they usually were happiest when someone came into their store and said ‘I heard your ad on the radio’.

So why the demand now on ROI for online marketing? I have a few ideas but I will stick to the point – Online marketing is more measurable than any other kind of marketing.

I am a numbers girl. I like them. I could drown in them and with online marketing you have more numbers than you know what to do with.

With web advertising, you can see exactly how many people clicked on your link, went to your landing page or converted on your site.

With SEO, you can see how many people searched for you, whether your ranking for key search terms rises or drops, how much of your website traffic comes from search engines, how many people are linking to your website and so much more.

Social media, the belle of the ball, is being falsely accused of being unmeasurable. There are lots of key data points you can measure in social media.

  • Traffic to your site data
  • Fan/Follower data
  • How often people interact with your content
  • How well some content performs over others

So where is all the worry coming from? These days we need to justify our cost and spend with actual results and not just hope. Find the data points that you feel are important to show success and start measuring!

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