What is Facebook Newsfeed Optimization?

Photo credit: Colin_K

There is a lot of talk about Facebook Newsfeed Optimization and Social Media Optimization going on. Some are saying it is as important as SEO. I can’t say I agree with that but I do think it is important to think strategically about what you are posting to Facebook as your business, when you do that and how often.

Think of Newsfeed Optimization as just that, thinking strategically about what you are posting to your newsfeed, this goes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever social media site you are using to promote your business.

Facebook actually published their algorithm for how they rank items that are posted. They take into consideration how often a user interacts with your content usually, how popular the update is (likes and comments) and how recently it was added.

So how can you use this information to optimize your Facebook posts?

  1. Be smart and publish things that your fans will ‘like’ (literally), not just something self promotional.
  2. Be consistent but don’t be overbearing. Think once or twice a day, not once or twice an hour.
  3. If you are going to post multiple posts per day, spread them out. If you do them all at the same time, you will probably get less interaction per post and they will all go through the timeline at the same time. Your update will be old news by the afternoon.

The biggest thing is just to be smart about what you are posting and when. We talked about Newsfeed Optimization and much more at a recent webinar: Anatomy of a Business Facebook Page. The slides are included below!

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