What is Google Local 7 Pack?

Sometimes a barrier in communicating about internet marketing are the unfamiliar terms. Recently in a meeting, I was asked what ‘7 Pack’ was, so I thought I would take a second to explain it.

In Google Local Results, the search results that show the business’ name, address, phone number and map is referred to as a 7 Pack. Now it is called a 7 Pack, because it used to list 7 locations. See my example below when I search for ‘restaurants boston massachusetts’.

7 Pack search result listing for restaurants in Boston

Lately though, you may have noticed that the traditional 7 Pack is smaller. The narrower your search, the smaller the ‘Pack’. See my search below for ‘coffee portland maine’.

3 pack local seo

Now there are plenty of reasons this could be showing up the way it is, but I happen to know there are WAY more than 3 coffee shops in Portland, Maine. But what if I didn’t know that? What if I was new in town? Google, as usual, is trying to make the best search experience for the user (not for your business). By doing that, they are focusing just on the most important results.

What does this mean for you? For one, if you aren’t showing up in this 7 Pack or 3 Pack or however many pack, people may be missing you!

So what are some ways you can put your best local search foot forward?

  • Claim your business through Google
  • Create a Google+ Local Business page and choose the option with the red balloon to be found on local listings
  • Participate in social media (and completely fill out your profiles)
  • Have a business website and make sure your address is prominently listed
  • Make sure your location is listed in your meta descriptions on your site

Now I could write a blog post or two about each of the bullet points above, but I just wanted to define Local’s 7 pack, give you an idea of how that impacts you and let you know that there are things you can do to perform better.

So go check it out. Sign out of Google (if you are signed in) and try some local searches. Search for your geographic location and industry terms and see how your site is ranking. Does it make the 7pack?

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