What is Missing On Your Website: Compelling Offers and Calls-to-Action

User conversionHaving a great looking website is a nice objective. But if it doesn’t motivate your visitors to take action, you’ve missed the whole point of having a website. You might as well use your Facebook page as your company website and call it a day. At least your Facebook page will take you much less time to develop.

Missing In Action

The one element I see missing on 99% of business related websites is compelling offers and calls-to-action. The 1% of businesses that understand the purpose and value of compelling offers took the time to develop, measure, and test their offers to learn what their customers are looking for on their website. These businesses are successful at converting their website traffic into qualified leads and new sales.

Not Compelling At All

In my opinion these examples are not compelling offers. How many of you would give up your email address for these offers?

  • Contact Us
  • Register for Newsletter
  • Request Free Consultation
  • Request Demo
  • Enter to Win
  • Free Needs Analysis

Kicking The Tires

The purpose of adding compelling offers and call-to-action on your website is to motivate your visitors to engage your business. You know…pick up the box and shake it, kick the tires, and take a test drive.

Think of the business model for bookstores. If you ever walk into a Barnes & Noble or other mega bookstore, you’ll notice the ambiance and experience is much different than that of your public library.

As I walked into a brick and mortar business like Barnes & Noble, let me describe their compelling offers and call-to-action:

  • A coffee/tea bar
  • Comfortable, cushy couches
  • Reading tables
  • Expansive magazine rack
  • Music CDs
  • Movie DVDs
  • Bargain priced book table
  • Recommended book lists
  • New releases book table
  • Bestsellers book table
  • Book club
  • Children’s book section

All of these compelling offers and calls-to-action are there to enhance my experience, help build loyalty to Barnes & Noble, and keep me coming back.

When a prospect visits your website, you want to create an experience such that they will take their time clicking and scrolling through your virtual store. They’ll sit back in their chair and read a few interesting articles, get up to refill their cup of coffee, view a few videos/demos, download your eBook, read your blog and share it with friends, read the articles in the special interest areas of your website, sign up for your eNewsletter or better yet follow you on Twitter, and so on.

How Do You Know What’s Compelling?

Your website is your lifeline to growing your business. If you are like most businesses, you have an office that you work at, but it is not a storefront in which you want prospects and clients to visit you everyday because it would be disruptive to you and your employees. That’s the purpose of your website and it’s where you want your prospects and clients to visit everyday.

Find out what your client’s need and develop compelling offers and call-to-action on your website to meet their needs. Just remember, a compelling offer and call-to-action that works for one type of business, may not necessarily work for another business.

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