Why You Should Bid on Your Own Brand

This is a question we get asked a lot from clients, and it can be challenging to explain since there isn’t just one factor, but several to consider. However, once you have a basic understanding of how brand terms work and the benefits they offer, you can feel much more confident in your brand strategy. Here are just a few to get you started:

Avoid Lost Clicks to Your Competitors

One of the number one arguments you should consider when deciding to bid on your brand name is whether or not your competitors are showing up in the space. If you find that they are, we highly recommend using this strategy to outrank and outshine them. Otherwise, you could risk the loss of potential clicks to these and other competitors.

In the event that your competitors are not showing up in the space, you could make the argument that it may not be worth investing money in an area where you should already be top rank in the organic search results. However, there are still several other factors to consider.

Lower Your Overall Cost-Per-Click

As one of the key factors in determining your CPC, your quality score plays a big part in driving costs down. These near perfect quality scores caused by you simply being “you” result in a cheaper cost-per-click than your non-brand campaigns. Therefore, it makes this type of strategy very economical in terms of cost.

Not only does this affect your brand terms, but it also creates a cascading effect for non-brand terms. So not only are you saving money from a lower cost-per-click, but you are also setting your other campaigns up for a better overall quality score experience just by association. Thus, creating a solid foundation to build your account off from.

Higher ROAS

Because users who are searching for your brand name are already further along in the buying cycle, this makes them more qualified and therefore these terms result in a higher ROAS.

Higher Relevance with Sitelinks

When it comes to organic search, there is no way to make 100% certain that users will be directed to the most relevant content. That is where sitelink ad extensions come in and save the day. These little magical links found below your brand ad copy drive users exactly to the content they are looking for, thus creating a better overall user experience.

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