YouTube is Now Really… Yours

YouTube has remained on the bleeding edge of the web video for no shortage of technical innovation and controversy. The ubiquitous video sharing portal took another leap today with its announcement of new APIs allowing developers to upload to YouTube from other sites, reskin the tube player, modify data, and pull customized feeds.

This may not impress you much if you’re not an uber-geek, but the bottom line is it allows you to do much more with video on your website. Basically, you can use YouTube’s enormous resources and infrastructures to handle all of the heavy-lifting, and then rather smoothly integrate that content throughout your site, even minimizing the fact that it’s on YouTube! If you’re trying to keep your videos private, well, maybe this isn’t really what you’re after, but if you’re like everyone else who just wants their video to be seen to boost their brand and raise awareness for their company, this is a GREAT addition to YouTube’s already robust service.

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