Internal Link Building Tips for E-commerce SEO

When executed effectively on an eCommerce site, internal link building can play a significant role in improving SEO. The idea of internal linking can be thought of as linking from one page on your site to relevant information on another of your pages by means of a hyperlink. Having a healthy link building strategy not only improves user navigation, but also… Read more »

HTTP/2: A Faster Internet Awaits

Despite numerous changes and additions to the internet over the years, including high speed broadband, responsive design and cat videos, the standards for how servers deliver content to your browser has remained much the same for over 15 years. This is set to change as a new protocol, HTTP2, is now being released. What is… Read more »

Looks Can Only Get You So Far

“We need a new website. Ours is so old.” – This is a relatively common sentiment in the online development and marketing industry. While there are a good amount of “old” websites still out on the web, the most recently created sites are developed with current and future trends in mind, primarily concerned with the… Read more »