3 Google Shopping Optimization Tips

Google Shopping is an effective way for online retailers to get their products in front of potential buyers. An online Google search returns organic results, some paid ads, and often times product ads also known as Product Listing Ads. These differ from the other search results as they display an optimized product image, product name,… Read more »

CSS Naming Conventions

Naming conventions ultimately come down to personal preference, but you have to imagine that someone at some point will be looking at your work so it needs to be “legible”. Good code is commented, adheres to industry best practices, and allows for others to easily understand its purpose. I’ll be taking a look at some… Read more »

Five Underutilized AdWords Views

As paid search marketers, we look at a lot of data to help us improve performance for our accounts. While we might have developed our own tricks to extract insights from our channels, AdWords has a few great tools that aren’t as easy to find as they maybe should be. So read on for five… Read more »