A/B (Split) vs. Multivariate Testing

Landing page design takes into account many elements including layout, text, images, color, calls to action and more. How do you know which style or placement works better for increasing engagement, and ultimately, conversion rates? Testing – either A/B (split) or multivariate. But what’s the difference? A/B (Split) A/B testing (also known as split testing)… Read more »

Version Control and Git

Just about any developer you meet will instantly know what you mean when you talk about Git. Git is what is known as a distributed version control system that is used to track changes in source code during any kind of development. There are a couple of different types of version control systems, but with… Read more »

WordPress 5.2 – New Admin Features

The latest WordPress release, version 5.2, came bundled with some new administrative features to evaluate and troubleshoot problems related to the site. Below we’ll look at a couple of notable additions. Site Health Check Version 5.1 of WordPress kicked off the release of Site Health features. This included a notice to administrators running outdated versions… Read more »