5 Steps to High-Quality Content

Whether you’re embarking on an entirely new website or simply re-evaluating the effectiveness of your existing content, it’s important to have a clear direction on what your content requirements are and how to get it done as quick and as painless as possible. Here are 5 steps toward organizing and generating content.

Communicate with Your Team

The most important part of any project is communication. With your team, review your current content or content needs and look at what is working for your customers as well as what you could improve upon. This step is crucial because how you interact with the site could be completely different than another department, specifically the customer service team. Simply including a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website can easily solve issues your customers may be having.

Organized Content Creation

From calendars to checklists and tables, there are many ways to stay organized while developing content. You may find it helpful to group your content into categories or where it will be located on your site. Once you’re organized, it’ll be easier for your team to divide and conquer.

Keep Content Interesting

Keeping your target audience in mind, consider creating engaging content by looking outside the box. Infographics and videos are just two of the many succinct, memorable formats you can use to present content. You can also consider adding forms, testimonials and blog posts to keep users on-site.

Review and Refine

This may go without saying, but double and triple check your spelling. It’s always silly to find grammatical issues with all the tools and apps available today, though it still happens frequently. Also, keep your content original and concise; make sure that the content you’ve created is understandable and stay away from internal jargon if you can. One last thing to consider: is any of the new content you created repeated anywhere else on your site? Consolidate it if possible to avoid having duplicate content.


Continue to generate new content and update existing content to stay current. Balance is key here, so try not to update existing static content too frequently and potentially risk your current rankings, but also remember to keep your site’s information up to date to ensure users of your knowledge and reliability on the subject.

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