A Completely Absurd Way Blogging Could Change your Life

So you’re living in your parent’s basement (it’s okay — it happens to the best some of us). You’re broke and spend your days eating cheese twists and watching Superbad over and over again. Your AIM handle is McLovinMeToo and your only hope at possible income is selling your prized vinyl record collection on eBay, including Young MC’s ‘Stone Cold Rhymin’ on yellow vinyl. Yeah that’s right! BIN!

But one day you decide to start a blog, and at first you blog about stuff you know, like movies and music, and you’re connecting with other movie fans. They start visiting your blog, they actually laugh at what you say. In fact they laugh so hard they ‘tweet’ about your post saying, “OMG LOL, Read this” with a link to your site. The traffic starts coming and suddenly you are propelled into the role of a surly, brutally honest internet movie review guy.

Next thing you know you are hired by one of the MAJOR search engine portals to review movies. You start hobnobbing with A List celebrities and some Z list reality stars who are trying to transition, but clearly I digress. Because amongst the masses you see a woman across the room at an industry event, she sees your press badge and instantly has dollar signs in her eyes while you smile and give her a wink, trying to figure out how to take her back to ‘your place’ without waking up the ‘rents. She thinks you’re kinda cute so she winks back and now your feeling really fine cause the girl is stacked. (Yes, you may have sold the album but the song lives on in your heart). You meet, fall in love, and get married…and then eventually move out of your parent’s house.

Don’t say it can’t be done!

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