Apps and Sites We Loved in 2016

This time of year always brings about a frenzy of shopping, cookies, and snowflake making. The last thing most people want to do is try and keep up with the latest tech trends. That’s why as a digital marketing agency, one of our favorite things to roll out every December is a look back at our team’s must-have apps favorite websites from the past year.

Here at Hall we are constantly discussing up and coming tech that has caught our eye, and because we like to share, here are a few of the sites and apps we loved in 2016:

Apps We Loved


A flashcard app for memorizing different facts. I’m using it to learn all the countries.

– Gary Thayer, WordPress Developer


This app allows me to stay organized with due dates and notifications that bug me until they’re complete.

– Beau Haseltine, Client Account Manager


(I’m old and lame) but the face filters are fun to play with and send.

– Jonas Levasseur, VP of Operations


I use this app whenever I am splitting costs with friends for travel, food or whenever someone in the group doesn’t have cash. The app provides an easy and quick way to request and receive money.

– Olivia Brown, Marketing Assistant


I had a falling out with my Kindle, only to recently bite the bullet and get a new kindle because of all the traveling I was doing. I forgot how wonderful the sync across devices is. I still love having a real book in my hands, but I’ve read more books this year than I did in any year in college, so it certainly can’t be hurting.

– Michael Rodino, Paid Search Manager


Without this messaging platform I would have to speak to people.

– Tom Hall, President

Amazon Shopping

Their app is seamlessly tailored for a mobile shopper.

– Luda MacLean, SEO Manager


This app helps you find the optimal time to schedule a trip, finds you the lowest prices on airfare, and lets you know when prices fluctuate.

– Megan Cullity, Client Services Coordinator


It’s straight forward and keeps me organized.

– Stephanie Podraza, Search Marketer

Pocket Casts

This app automatically downloads and manages my favorite podcasts. I just plug in my headphones and all my shows are ready to go.

– Geoff Bell, Digital Marketer

Sites We Loved

Git and GitLab

This version control platform has helped our team improve tracking of work done on client sites.

– Tim Howe, Lead WordPress Developer


Great open source code hosting platform that makes managing all our code easy.

– Matt Harrison, Vice President of Technology


While Twitter had its fair share of negative press in 2016, it is still my go-to app for all things sports, news and entertainment (I’ve also watched more NFL games this season on Twitter than I ever thought possible and only anticipate watching more in 2017.)

– Brian York, Client Service Representative

Tiny PNG

I use this almost every day to compress png and jpg images, reducing file sizes immensely.

– Jess Lavoie, Front End WordPress Developer


Both can’t live without and totally admire them. Over the past year, I’ve gained a tremendous appreciation for just how complicated and complex their site is. Beyond shopping, the breadth and depth of service they offer is astonishing. And it’s all web based.

– Andrew Chernosky, Web Developer


I’m too old for apps but I do enjoy this website to read the best long-form writing across the Internet.

– Alana Dao, Junior Search Marketer


Yes, it has been around and we’ve all been using it seemingly forever, but it is the most useful tool available on the internet.

– Mike Johnston, Director of Web Performance

We hope that our crowd sourcing, app experimentation, and excessive internet use have shed light on some useful apps and sites for you to look at in the next year.

And from everybody at Hall Internet Marketing, we wish you a happy holiday season!

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