Apps and Sites We Loved in 2017

With the holiday spirit in the air and everyone running around to finish up their shopping, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. As a digital marketing agency, one thing we do every year is look back on apps we loved and websites we admired from the past year. We like to share ideas on our must-haves to reflect on why we appreciated them and how they may change with coming technological advances.

Here are a few that stood out to us as top notch from 2017.

Apps We Loved

grammarly – save times and helpses me write mo’ betta so them other people think Im smaht.

– Tom Hall, President


The Amazon Alexa App is a seamless user experience. The closest thing to a personal assistant, saving to-do lists, alarms and custom series of actions like reading the weather, turning on lights with a simple command.

– Ludmila MacLean, SEO Manager


IKEA Place – It’s an augmented reality app that lets you drop virtual IKEA furniture in a real-world space and get a feel for how it would look. But with AR you can walk around it, get different perspectives and design an entire space. Feels like you’re living in the future!

– Andrew Chernosky, Web Products Developer


Garmin Active. Great App for Garmin watches, can be used for Biking, Running, etc… Loads your activities into a great interface with interactive maps and anything else you need to know about most recent workouts.

– Jonas Levasseur, Vice President of Operations


The Uber app has been a great go-to this year for picking up a ride when I need it.

– Stephanie Podraza, Digital Advertising Manager


Hopper is a great App that provides an easy way to search for cheap flights. You can search for your destination and find the cheapest time of the year, days, and times to fly. It is great for finding ways to save a little money while planning a trip!

– Olivia Brown, Client Services Coordinator


Sketch is a web design app allowing for fast and efficient prototyping. There are lots of cool plugins to extend the functionality.

– Jessica Lavoie, User Experience Developer


Habitica – A gamified To Do app designed like a tabletop roleplaying game. It’s pretty good for setting up daily tasks.

– Gary Thayer, WordPress Developer


Spotify is one of my most used apps. The well-organized menu makes it easy to use and the suggested music based on my listening habits has opened my ears to new artists and brought around old ones that I’ve long forgotten about.

– Zach Gilseth, Junior WordPress Developer

I’ve been using the Kik app a lot recently. It allows me to text and chat with my Canadian friends without having to pay international text and phone fees.
– Mike Johnston, Director of Web Performance

Sites We Loved – If you run a social media page for your business, this site should be your best friend. Bitly takes a long URL and shortens it, making for a more readable and trustworthy post if you’re linking to an external site.

– Lauren Garrard, Client Account Representative, which is a responsive site for online payment software. I haven’t so much used the site as much as admired and studied the design for its simplicity, solid structure, and eye-catching graphics.

– Hailey Gutwin, Administrative Assistant


Gitlab – Open source application backed by a company that has a publicly open business where everything happens online. It is a great tool that I use every day to manage my workflow.

– Matt Harrison, Vice President of Technology – I really dig what these guys did here. The color palette, use of SVG images and backgrounds, and overall attention to detail is impressive.

– Geoff Bell, Digital Marketer


PHP Code Sniffer – – Helps check and make sure you are following a set of code standards.

– Tim Howe, Lead WordPress Developer

If you haven’t heard of any of these apps or websites that we mentioned, we encourage you to take a look and experience them for yourself!

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