2020 Marketing & Technology Predictions

To keep with tradition, we’ve compiled a list of our team’s marketing and technology predictions for the new year! We’ve got thoughts on privacy, augmented reality, streaming services, and more. Which ones do you think will come true in 2020? Digital Marketing Predictions   Brands will succeed by how personal they can get with their… Read more »

4 Ideas for Using Dynamic Content in Email Marketing

In today’s email marketing climate, it should go without saying how important personalization is when advertising to your customers. Dynamic content is the content that changes within an email, allowing you to display personalized messages. This can be done with simple techniques like showing a subscriber’s name in an email or advanced techniques such as… Read more »

SEO for YouTube – 2019 Guide

According to Alexa traffic ratings, YouTube is the second most-visited site on the web, right after Google—so how come no one watches my YouTube videos? There are quite a few factors to convince YouTube that your material is top notch: Quantity of comments Length of video (the average YouTube video on the front page is… Read more »