The Power of Regular Expressions

Regular expressions, or RegEx, is a method of pattern matching for strings of text. It is utilized most often in text searches, find-and-replace operations, and for input validation. RegEx involves using a wide variety of characters, each with its own specific meaning, to form a string of those characters meant to represent a pattern that… Read more »

Interacting with an External API with WordPress

The ability to utilize another company’s API (Application Programming Interface) is an extremely useful skill in any programmer’s arsenal. An API is essentially an interface a company provides that allows programmers to connect to their services in order to receive data and perform actions. There are different types of APIs, but in most cases, it… Read more »

Version Control and Git

Just about any developer you meet will instantly know what you mean when you talk about Git. Git is what is known as a distributed version control system that is used to track changes in source code during any kind of development. There are a couple of different types of version control systems, but with… Read more »