Building Web Presence: Part 2

Last week I started to explore the idea of focusing not only your website, but your whole web presence, check it out if you missed it.

Where do I start?
You should start by evaluating your web presence and then work to grow and strengthen what you have. Can people searching for your products or services using search engines find your web site? Your website must, must, must be optimized for search. What’s the point of having a website if people searching for its content can’t somehow find it?
Here are some things to question regarding search engine optimization:

  • Are you using the right keywords? Are they widely searched? Are your keywords geo-targeted?
  • How does your website rank for its keywords? Could they improve?
  • Are you consistently creating new content on your website that includes those keywords?

Next, assess the content that is related to your website that can be distributed and shared by the people that want it. This includes things like your blog and your email newsletter; you probably have subscribers to both. Blogs, newsletters, and business news can be distributed on your website and and then linked to other websites and social communities. Additionally, blogs are super search engine friendly and great for reinforcing keywords. This means that even someone on another website, a social network, or using a search engine has the opportunity of finding your content.
Here are some content tips to grow your list of subscribers:

  • Easily distribute your content for those seeking your information by using an RSS feed for your blog.
  • Blog and send your newsletter on a consistent basis.
  • Promote your blog and your newsletter online.

Continue expanding your web presence.
Your web presence is never a finished product. What I mean by this is continue doing what’s working and find new spaces online where your target audience may be. You can use resources you already have, like videos, demos, PowerPoints, etc. and re-purpose them on networks like YouTube and Slideshare where people can share with others as well as link to your content. Keep in mind, if you aren’t spreading your content out across the web, other people may be.

Consistent branding across the web.
Lastly, I must mention how important it is to keep your brand consistent on all platforms that exist within your web presence. This includes your company logo, the language, and the tone (tone may alter somewhat depending on the network your content is on). Ensuring your branding is consistent, builds trust and affects your online reputation.

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