Building Your Web Presence: Part 1

Web  presence puzzleYes, your website matters, it matters a whole lot. Your primary focus should be on ensuring that your site is designed to effectively drive and convert traffic as well as remain consistent with your brand. However, it’s time you also start thinking about your overall web presence.

What’s Web Presence?
Your web presence describes what you’re doing online with your business. Building a website is the first step in creating an online identity, but your web presence involves using the “interwebs” as an online marketing platform and finding different outlets to promote your business on the internet.

Gauge your web presence.
To get an idea of your overall presence on the web ask yourself these questions:

  • Are people searching for your products and services finding your business? How?
  • How are you connecting with prospects online? Better yet, how are they connecting with you?
  • Are your online efforts effective? Are people contacting you through forms on your site, commenting/messaging you on Facebook, replying/direct messaging you on Twitter, etc.?

Broaden your focus – look at the big picture.
Your web presence includes your website, acting as the hub for all your online marketing activities. But your presence is all those spaces where your business can be found and interacts with people online:

  • Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Expert-based websites and online forums
  • Press and news websites

Of course it takes extra time to devote to promoting your content online, but the pay off can be well worth it. Ultimately, you’re spreading content you’ve already created in relevant spaces online where people are naturally looking for it.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, when I’ll go into more detail about how to build your web presence.

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