Can I Copy from Word and Paste into My Blog?

Copy and Paste
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You CAN but you may not want to.

It is exciting that more and more businesses are getting into blogging. It is a great way to add more content to your website, help with your search rankings and benefit from the viral nature of the internet.

Many of us are most comfortable composing documents in Word (or a program like it). That is where most of us got comfortable putting together all kinds of documents, so it is where we turn first when we have to write something.

The problem with writing a document in Word and then pasting it into your blog is that there is a lot of styling in a program like Word, that your blog cannot translate. The blog WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor may overcompensate by putting in a bunch of styling code that a) you don’t need and makes it hard for search engines to read your text and b) may cause friction from style to style and break not only your post, but perhaps your blog page as well.

So how can I copy and paste text I have written into my blog?

We use WordPress and most of our clients are on WordPress as well. WordPress has two decent options for copying and pasting text (as I see it):

  1. The Paste From Word icon – From the visual side of your Add New Post dashboard, there is an icon to Paste From Word. If you created your document in Word you can copy (Ctrl A, Ctrl C), go over to the Paste From Word icon and paste (Ctrl V). This will strip out the styling of your document and add it to your blog post.
  2. Copy to Notepad – Another option that does the same thing is copying your text from Word and adding it to a program like Notepad or Notepad++. Those will also strip out all the added styling from Word.

How do I style my document?

The two examples above are to remove all the styling from your WordPress document. If you do want styling like bold text, italicized text, lists, strikethoughs, block quotes or paragraph alignment – you are better off doing that once your text is in Worpress with the editor.

Hope that helps and happy blogging!

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