Don’t Let Your Message Become Old News at the News Stand Tomorrow Morning!

Traditional means of marketing and advertising still exist and are being utilized but research shows that most of these are on a steep decline. Nowhere is this clearer than with the struggling newspaper companies all across the U.S.

The New York Times recently posted an article online stating that, “Newspapers count on advertising for the bulk of their revenue, and for a decade they have been losing ads to the Internet, where advertising is much cheaper and there is far more competition for it.” This is an unfortunate reminder for the newspaper and phone book companies who are feeling the crunch of declining sales.

If less people are picking up the publications you typically advertise in, perhaps it is time to look at the benefits of Email Marketing.

Permission-based Email Marketing can do a number of things for your company. Use it to engage your target audience with whom you already have a relationship with. Deliver valuable content within your message and leave out all the extra unnecessary verbiage. Your audience already knows what your company is about if they are on your list – don’t push them away with extraneous information they don’t need and end up in their recycle bin.

Keep the content on your website fresh. This will encourage visitor loyalty. If you have a website, chances are you are trying to promote or advertise something to the general public. Give those new or returning visitors the option to sign up for your newsletter by using a contact form or visitor sign up form on your website.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while planning your email marketing strategy:

  • Consider a two step verification process for email sign up. Two step verification ensures the email address they entered is correct but it also prevents other big problems like bounces, undeliverable emails and Spam
  • Stay away from bounces. Bounces are addresses that your email did not reach for one of a few reasons. Either the email address is non-existent, spelled incorrectly, or could possibly be blocked by the recipients ISP (Internet Service Provider). Keep your list up to date.
  • A recipient of your email has the power to mark your email as Spam if they feel bombarded. Spam reports have a negative impact on the future of your email deliverability. Remember to offer value and meaningful information and monitor your frequency.
  • Always, always, always give your recipients the option to “Opt-Out” from your mailings.

Reach your target audience in seconds. Don’t let your message to be old news at the news stand tomorrow morning!

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