Have You Embraced The New AdWords Experience?

Have you looked at Google AdWords lately? If you work in digital marketing or run a business, it’s likely you’ve seen the big changes that Google Adwords has rolled out. In a field that’s constantly evolving, the programs that help us effectively do our jobs must be evolving as well. 2018 has already proven to be a year of major strides for Google’s SEO tools, with the new beta version of Google Search Console arriving in January. Just a few months prior, Google released their new AdWords experience to all users, making it easier than ever to stay organized while managing paid search advertising campaigns. Now, they’re focused on encouraging users to embrace the new experience in 2018.

Things to Know About AdWords Beta

This seems to be the biggest Google AdWords update in quite a while, as the whole look and feel of the application has changed. There are a few things you should take note of when using the Beta version, such as several new features to take advantage of, and some minor adjustments to features you may be familiar with from the old interface.

New Features

Some highlights of the Google AdWords Beta experience include an Overview Page, similar to many other Google programs. When you first open AdWords, you’re now able to see highlights from different campaigns, such as where the biggest changes have occurred, the devices that were used, and campaign costs. You can also set up ad variations to see which advertisements are most effective, by way of A/B testing. These are just a couple of the features exclusive to AdWords Beta.

Slight Changes

The AdWords Beta has kept many of the same tools from its old interface but has made slight changes for improvement when it comes to user experience. Many of these are changes to terminology. For example, the “Dimensions” tab has been renamed to “Predefined reports.” Other popular features may be in different locations in AdWords Beta. Check out the new AdWords experience guide to see a complete list of changes.

Google Allows for a Smooth Transition

Major updates can be a bit confusing – what will be a fast system in the future will likely slow you down at first. Luckily, Google always seems to be one step ahead when it comes to the transition of their programs. With tutorials for the AdWords Beta experience, and the ability to toggle between the old and new interface, Google allows you to make the transition between the familiar and the new, seamlessly.

Switching between AdWords and AdWords Beta is simple – a pop-up at the bottom of AdWords will ask if you’d like to try the new beta version, taking all your data with it. Once in Beta, the wrench at the top of the program will reveal a drop down with a “Return to previous AdWords” option at the top.

How Google AdWords Beta Can Help Your Business

Programs like Google AdWords help businesses large and small to thrive on and offline. With every update, Google seeks to make the experience easier and up to speed with how things are shifting online. With this AdWords overhaul and other changes on the horizon, keeping track of campaigns and running them efficiently should be easier than ever. If you’ve never used Google AdWords before, now’s the perfect time to start.

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