Expanded Text Ads Coming to Bing

In an inevitable turn of events, Bing is launching their own Expanded Text Ads in the wake of AdWord’s transition to the new Ad Format. AdWord’s Expanded Text Ads have been testing well in most, if not all, search marketer’s estimations, including our own, so for Bing to follow suit is not surprising. Bing’s Expanded Text Ads will mimic the AdWords format of two 30 character headlines and an 80 character description.

Expanded text ads format

Bing’s choice to join the expanded text ads universe has many benefits for cross-platform marketers such as ourselves. Not only will this make copy generation easier, leaving both the legacy Bing and AdWords format behind for a universal ad size, it will also continue to provide greater control for quality score improvements. Not to be forgotten, this will make the ability to import AdWords campaigns into Bing much more relevant, as Ad Copy will line up on both platforms for a much faster campaign launch.

Bing is currently piloting Expanded Text Ads with some customers, and while no launch date for a Bing-wide launch has been announced, it’s best to be prepared with copy ideas for your campaigns so you can effectively test copy in the new format against the existing style. As with AdWords Expanded Text Ads, the increase in characters will help advertisers present a more complex message, but deciding what to do with that space may take some iteration to really get right.

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