Explaining Inbound Marketing to anyone and Inbound Marketing Summit Notes

It is Fall. Times are hectic and changing. The internet is changing. It changes not only every day but with every second. We can easily get lost in what is important to us, our company and our communication strategy (online and offline). Times like these are a good opportunity to get back to basics by defining what it is we are trying to do AND surrounding ourselves with smart people and fresh ideas.

Inbound Marketing is…

People use the internet every second of every day to research products, services, buyers, sellers, networks and more. Inbound Marketing is making sure your next client finds YOU when they are searching for answers online. This can be using SEO, social media sites, press releases, online videos and more.

What mix of technology should you and your company invest its time in to capture your potential audience? That is up to your company and your audience.

The Inbound Marketing Summit

Over the next few days I will be attending the Inbound Marketing Summit at Gillette Stadium. This is one of the largest conferences in the Inbound Marketing world. I am excited to meet some fresh faces, attend some great presentations and having conversations with some of the brightest minds in this industry. With all of that knowledge I hope to have a lot to bring back to share with my network as well.

To follow all of my thoughts on the event you can follow me on Twitter @Hall_web or @amanda_pants and for the full Twitter conference experience you can follow the hashtag #IMS09. I have been racking my brain on the best way to share with you all the fresh ideas and content I pick up but without drowning anyone else in the process. If you would like my full notes and takeaways from the Inbound Marketing Summit please email me, let me know and I’ll send you a one-time email newsletter with my summary of the event. If not, I’ll probably post a blog here after the event with the biggest takeaway from IMS.

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