Hook Readers With These 6 Tips for Writing Headlines

The primary headline you choose is arguably the most essential part of your blog post or content piece. Quality content keeps readers engaged, but headlines are the first thing people read, and headlines often determine whether readers stay put or move on to something else.

There are two goals for your headline: first, to reflect the content of your article accurately, and second, to create a connection with readers, so they will read what you have to say. The best headlines accomplish both of these goals. Here are some tips on writing headlines that will catch your reader’s eye and keep them coming back for more.

1. Keep It Short and Sweet

Your headline should get right to the point and be brief. Long, rambling headlines won’t do your article any favors in search engine rankings. We are in the days of quick scrolling, so keeping your headings concise and easy to read offers a better chance of capturing attention.

2. Get Your Keywords In

After your research, include relevant keywords in your headline so people can easily find your article when they’re searching online. But beware of keyword stuffing in an attempt to rank higher with search engines. If a reader can understand what you mean with a few keywords, so can a search engine.

Pro tip: Try out a few long-tail keywords in your headline for the best search results. This approach helps you stay on topic and gain search volume.

3. Show Up for Your Readers

The best reading material is written by passionate people with a message to share. From web copy to informative blogs, it’s always a good rule of thumb to write on topics you care about. Make no mistake, your readers will feel your passion as soon as they read your headline and even more so when they delve into your content. Don’t tone down your copywriting. The people interested in what you have to say will find you, and they will appreciate your candor.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Numbers

People love lists, so headlines that include numbers tend to perform well. Lean into human nature and appeal to those looking for guidance. Adding numbers is an opportunity to offer an outline to your readers. If your article presents ten tips for a better life, don’t miss the chance to add that to your headline.

5. Pose Questions to Your Readers

Asking a question in your headline is the perfect way to pique a reader’s curiosity and get them to click through to read your article. If you take this route, make sure you present content that offers answers to the question you present or generate ideas that provoke thought and encourage continued conversation if appropriate.

6. Use Precise and Technical Language

Be as specific as possible in your headlines, and don’t shy away from using technical jargon if applicable. Generic headlines are uninteresting and can be easily missed by readers scanning through content. If you hone in on what makes your content unique, you’ll have a better chance of catching and keeping people’s attention.


Headlines are your opportunity to speak to a reader in just a few words and hopefully encourage them to stick around for what you have to say. Following these tips, you can write headlines that accurately reflect your content and business while capturing attention and clicks. Contact our SEO copywriting gurus at Hall for all forms of quality content, including headlines that grab attention.

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