How to Teach a Dinosaur New Tricks

Cabazon Dinosaurs from Pee Wee!Having a hard time convincing your dinosaur of a boss that Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is the path to modern day business success?

We hear it time and time again, “Our CEO doesn’t want to spend money on Internet Marketing” or “Our company has blocked social networking sites at work!“. Unfortunately, not all business executives are hip to the new world of marketing and online networking, and thus their marketing strategies and internet usage policies are left in the prehistoric ages and dollars are turned to dust.

What can you as an employee do about it? Send that resistant fossil (your boss) to this post on Business Weekly ,CEO Guide to Virtual Worlds“, it highlights the benefits and practical implementation of social media marketing and networking strategies. Some of the topics covered are: The Virtual workplace, Viral Video, Social Networking and Widgets. Although you may have to explain what a widget is, it at least opens the conversation about the future of your business online.

photo credit: queen puff puff

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