It’s Web 2.0, you Digg?

Following-up on my earlier post this week on social media, I “stumbled upon” an article today comparing StumbleUpon with Digg, Google, MySpace and other Web 2.0 sites. It’s an amazing age where relatively unknown websites can rise to popularity very quickly — Digg and are, for example, relative newcomers themselves and rarely known outside of a younger, web-savvy group of fervent fans, and the fact that new models like StumbleUpon are rising to such a degree of popularity points to the growing enthusiasm web users have for these participatory tools (this trend is so becoming the way of the internet that Yahoo is building their business around user interaction). In the whirlwind way that the Internet works, a completely fresh technology has changed all the rules.

Regardless of whether or not this technology stays trendy, it’s safe to say that the new web is going to see only sites that provide constant streams of fresh, timely (or timeless) content staying at the top of the search charts. While no one can account for user tastes, the ability to vote on content Internet-wide provides additional incentive to keep up with the times and reach out to customers with the tools of the web.

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