Jazz up your user conversion graphics

So you’ve created a really nice call to action graphic that you’re extremely proud of and it goes to one of the most important pages on your site that could generate a potential sales lead.

You check your analytics and goals and BOOM, nothing. A few clicks that might go to the all important contact form or freebie download, but not enough to make you too excited.  What can we do to gain conversion results?

Here are some ways you can spruce up your user conversion strategy to get the numbers you desire.

Take Action :

  1. Rotate! – Switch sides, move a button in place of the other. Keep it fresh, a change of scenery might catch the eye of a returning visitor. Maybe they haven’t seen it before because it wasn’t in plain sight. Typically, sites have either a left or right side for clickable graphics. Make sure that the placement is correct so users don’t have to scour your site to get to an important page.
  2. Wording – Are you conveying the right message within your graphics? Does your message portray an accurate description of the link’s destination? Why are you confusing your visitors? Keep it short and sweet too, a verbose call to action graphic is an ugly graphic.
  3. Color/Image Change – Don’t be afraid to choose a complimentary color for your design, get creative about it provided it is in good taste. A change of image couldn’t hurt either, make sure it is appropriate and contingent to the message of your graphic. Rollover changes are important as well! This is more likely to capture a users attention and create awareness.

After you’ve made some changes, give it a little room to breathe, check your analytics after a few weeks and make a decision to follow steps 1-3 again or rethink your approach to your goal.

Make sure that these user conversion buttons/graphics are of great quality, this will keep your site users engaged and more willing to click.

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