Latest PPC News & Updates: Bing Adds New Custom Audience & In-Market Targeting Features

In the latest June update, Bing is offering two new pilot offerings that will allow users to reach their ideal audience. These two pilot offerings include In-Market Audiences and Custom Audiences. Let’s take a peek at what’s included.

In-Market Audiences

When it comes to In-Market Audiences, this new feature allows you to target users who are “in-market” for particular products or services, including 14 different markets. These markets allow you to better target and modify bids. In-market audiences leverage data across the Microsoft services to identify users ready to buy in categories such as “Apparel/Clothing”, “Travel & Tourism/Air Travel”, “Occasions & Gifts”, and 11 more, with more on their way this summer.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences allows you to remarket to users based on customer data that you input into the system. This allows us as marketers to better serve users based on things like purchase history, lifetime value, and much more. However, this feature is only available to those users who are currently using Adobe Audience Manager. Leveraging this type of data is key to any digital marketing strategy, so tools that allow for more direct access and segmentation are crucial for creating robust campaigns.

When all’s said and done, it looks like there are two new shiny toys all us marketers have to test out. Happy testing!

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