Marketing 102: Tell Me Why

Photo credit: Danielle Page

As business owners and marketers we spend a lot of time talking about what we want from our current and future customers:

    • Buy Now!
    • Download Now!
    • Like us on Facebook!
    • Follow me on Twitter!
    • Scan the QR code!
    • Sign up for our email newsletter!

Perhaps if we spent a little more time explaining why we want them to complete these action we will see a better conversion rate on ‘the ask’.

We all have enough email coming into our various inboxes every day, so why would I sign up for your email newsletter? Sell them on the subscription by explaining what they will get by joining your list. Tell them if they will get special deals or promotions, inside news about the company and staff, tips and tricks you won’t share anywhere else, premiere seating and prices for events etc. Without knowing the benefit of signing up, they may just think you will be sending them the same press releases they can get from you anywhere or worse – that you will just send them poorly executed email messages with no value.

Want people to like your Facebook page? What are you going to offer them that they can’t get from checking back when they feel like it? Think about having a fan view and a non fan view so that fans see different messaging than those who haven’t liked your page yet. Create a landing tab asking for the ‘like’ and explaining what unique information they will get here that they won’t get any place else. Explain how you will use the unique aspects of Facebook to give them something more of value.

Now that more businesses are on board with this social media and internet marketing thing, there are more and more Follow Us on Twitter, Like Us on Facebook etc. commands out there. We as consumers are tuning them out like advertisements so add some light to your ask and tell us why we should. I bet you will see a better response from your ‘ask’.

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