New Year, New Sites, New Tools

Every day I read hundreds of blog posts. Between work, hobbies, and the daily ‘must reads’ my Bloglines reader is always chock full. As I rule, I bookmark articles and blog posts that I find interesting. I also tend to jot down new websites and ideas into a black notebook, my ‘internet black book‘. This week, I thought I would bust out my notebook and share with you the sites which have picqued my interest.



Picnik: A free and easy online photo-editing tool. Picnik allows you to upload and edit photos from your desktop and Flickr & Photobucket accounts. With Picnik you can crop, touch up, resize, and eliminate red eye, all from the same easy console.



TubeMogul: This one is cool, especially if you are into making and sharing videos online. TubeMogul enables you to upload your video and distribute it to the top video sites, including You Tube, Google Videos, and MySpace, simultaneously. If you’ve tried uploading a video to more than one video sharing site before you know how long it can take. TubeMogul allows you to upload the video just once, yet distribute it to all of the major video sites without having to upload it multiple times.



ScribeFire: (Thanks Matt!) This is an amazing time saving tool for those of you who contribute to multiple blogs. ScribeFire is a free Firefox Plugin which allows you to blog from one main console and then have it published to one, two or all of the blogs on your blogging list. Once installed, the ScribeFire icon will appear at the bottom right hand side of your screen. Anytime you come across a story or photo you want to blog about, click on the icon and it will open the ScribeFire console on the bottom half of that very same screen. NO more going back and forth between pages!

Now that I’ve shared my list, I encourage you to introduce me to other sites that YOU think are cool or innovative. Leave a comment!

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