On Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere”

While we’ve heard plenty about how people use blogs and the growing proliferation of the art, it’s not often that we take a look at the people behind the wheel to see what we learn.

Well a tribute to Technorati, then, who this week launched their “State of the Blogosphere” report, currently on Day 2, which has revealed to us several revelations about bloggers, such as:

  • They are well educated
  • They are well off
  • They consists of a diverse group of people
  • They have benefited personally and professionally from their blog
  • They have many different motivations for blogging

Alright, well the findings aren’t that earth-shattering, but it’s fun to see their profiles of different bloggers, which have consisted of two women who blog semi-professionally, an octogenerian, and statistical profiles of different groups such as women bloggers and Asian bloggers.

Also interesting is some commentary (both on the introduction to the article and in related posts such as this one on Bruce Clay) which talk about microblogging and its effect of blogging as a whole. The proliferation of Twitter certainly must come at the expense of time and chatter from other media, though now of course, you’ll see Tweets and blogs for the same piece of content — has the signal to noise ratio gotten better or worse?

I’ll remark again on the blogosphere report as it continues on this week, but the way I see it now — yes, blogs have gone mainstream, and it’s no surprise that they’re most successful with educated, comfortably living people all across the world. Those are the people with the communication skills, the access to technology, and the evolving culture of media that is driving the terrific roller coaster of social media we’re on now.

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