One, Two… TWEET?! – How many Twitter accounts is too many?

Some of us use our Twitter accounts for personal status updates while others use it to boost their businesses. Friends can let their followers know what fruit is the freshest at a particular produce stand, or like the “first viral restaurant”, a mobile street vendor can let people know what street corner they will be selling their yummy Korean Tacos at.

But what if your business is large and multi-faceted? Is there a need for a different account for each of your departments? Google seems to think so…

In a recent blog post from The Official Google Blog, Google states that, “we’re all about frequent updates ourselves, and there’s lots happening around here that we want to share with you… Because there are many programs and initiatives across the company, we’ve got a number of active accounts.”

And that number you may ask? 54 Twitter accounts.

Google, as you already know, is a very dynamic company with many different initiatives, goals and projects that they are constantly developing to make our World Wide Web a better place.  So they obviously felt an important need to keep all their divisions on their own separate playing fields when it came to their Twitter strategy.

They broke down their Twitter accounts into six categories:

  • General
  • Geo-related
  • Ads-related
  • Developer & Technical
  • Culture, People
  • Country or Region

Their Ads-related category includes the most Twitter accounts leveling out at 13 sub accounts. That leaves another 41 accounts distributed through the other categories. Here is a complete list of the Google Twitter accounts.

So… how many Twitter accounts is too many?

I feel that if you do have many departments or divisions in a business, and each one is supplemental and contributes to the overall productivity of the firm, AND you are interested in a Twitter Strategy, it may be worth while to have a different Twitter account for each piece of the puzzle. This is very similar to List Building when it relates to Email Marketing. If you have specific lists that you can target for any given campaign, your results will traditionally be more positive because the content you are delivering is more relevant to those specific lists.

Now don’t just get online and start creating a ton of Twitter accounts without doing some serious research. Incorrect implementation can waste valuable time and resources. So don’t take what could potentially build your client loyalty and shoot yourself in the foot with it.

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