See a Responsive Site Design in Action

Responsive design is a new way to build out websites that is becoming very popular. A responsive site will re-size and reorient your site content to fit smaller screen sizes. With more and more people using mobile devices and tablets to browse the web, having a site that renders well, no matter the screen size, is very important.

In the video below, Caitlin shows us a responsive website and how it reorders itself as she shrinks the screen resolution size. She explains that you can think of your site’s layout like a newspaper, in columns. When you design your site in this grid/column layout, a responsive site will reorient those columns to fit the smaller screen sizes. This is a great way to have a site that is optimized for multiple devices and that won’t lose any of your content.

Responsive Design from Hall Internet Marketing on Vimeo.

For more information on responsive design, check out our infographic – Responsive Website Design – What is it?

Below are a few more examples of responsive designs and how they reformat as the screen sizes shrink.

Hall’s Responsive Website

J.B. Brown & Son’s Responsive Website

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