Some Like It Flashy

adobe flash playerWell, Peter over at Quirk has definitely drunk the Flash koolaid, with a pretty evangelistic article this morning detailing the virtues of Flash over QuickTime.

Of course, we’re right with him.

Up until somewhere in the middle of 2005, we were stuck releasing videos in both Quicktime and Windows Media player to accommodate different operating systems.  Not only was this more of a hassle in the encoding/production end, but it was up to the user to figure out which of the platforms worked best for them (and often neither was natively installed on their computer).

Quicktime and Windows Media also have the problem of loading in their own player, which disrupts the browsing experience.  In contrast, Flash can be embedded seamlessly with a web page, themed to match a site’s look and feel, pull from a remote site, as well as accommodate a variety of tracking methodologies (such as all the ability to comment in the middle of a clip in Viddler or the emerging field of real-time video behavior/viewing analytics).

And of course, it’s the technology we use to encode our archived webinars and what you see  on YouTube.

In most cases, it’s great to have diversity.  But the world of DVD technology and online video, it’s important to have a king.

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