Video Killed the Radio Star: Internet Version

Internet VideosI for one was very excited at the launch of the MTV music video site this week. A full archive of MTV videos. Remember when MTV played videos? MTV Trivia will tell you that the first video that played on MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles. The Music Industry as the world knew it changed the day MTV hit the airwaves.

We may be at that place again, this time video is changing the internet as we know it. Video isn’t just for professionals or people with expensive cameras anymore. Anyone can be a part of this Video Internet revolution. The question is, should you?

Chances are you’re already thinking about adding video to your website, but like everything else on your site, don’t do it without thinking about your site’s web strategy. Here are some tips on getting the biggest bang out of your video effort (even without spending a fortune).

Say it and say it quick!

Your video would be one of hundreds of thousands of videos out there. Make your point quick. Attention spans online are not that long. Do not make a 7 minute video and have your key point at minute 4. Even if you think it’s too short, make it shorter.

Make your video a piece of value for the viewer (not you)

Mindless videos can be great time wasters but as Seth Godin points out , no one really cares about YOU on youtube, they care about themselves — being entertained, learning something, or finding a service that they need.

Make sure your video is something that benefits the viewer. The CEO of your company dancing ‘Risky Business’ style may be funny to you and your employees but will it generate business for you?

Your video should have a goal for you and your company

As with everything you do for your company set your goal first.

Make a video to humanize your company, share a new product, or leak information from your latest conference presentations.

Once you have that goal – how are you going to measure your success? Add a landing page URL at the end of the video and track web hits? How many times the phone rings?

Or is it a success if your mother says she saw it when she comes over for Thanksgiving?

That’s it. Just a couple suggestions to get your video marketing project off the ground. Did I leave anything major out? Let me know! If you do need help determining your marketing vision for your video project you can always contact your friends at Hall for help too!

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