Weezer continues to rock the Geeks

While most of you were out enjoying the sun and cooking up some BBQ over the Memorial Day weekend, 3 million of us geek-y types were busy LOLing (laughing out loud) over Weezer’s new video, “Pork & Beans“. (Weezer is the band that sang the Buddy Holly song..forever ago. Now you are up to date)

So you are probably asking yourself, why would over 3 million people tune into a YouTube video instead of enjoying the first days of summer heat? Weezer, who have long been toted as a geek rock band, did the geekiest thing possible and created a new video featuring a montage of the biggest hits of YouTube of the year. Miss South Carolina, Chocolate Rain, and The Dramatic Gopher , plus many more, made their musical video debut.

The brilliance behind the silliness is that Weezer, knows its demographic: Geeky-types. Using YouTube they cleverly put themselves directly in front of their audience. And within a short period were able to amass over 3 million hits. To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at the ‘old days‘, when bands would debut their latest videos on MTV and hope that their audience would tune in to see them. Unfortunately, with television, there is no ‘sharing element’ beyond, “Hey did you see that new Weezer video on MTV?”. Now, using video sharing sites, music videos are able to be viewed and shared with friends and embedded across websites in a matter of hours.

Just how nerdy are you? Watch the video and count the number of YouTube Hits you have seen.

My count was: 11 out of 22. So I”m 50% nerdy..that’s about right..

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