WooCommerce 4.5

WooCommerce 4.5 was released on September 9, 2020, and centered around stability and compatibility. This release is smaller than recent releases, with an emphasis on improving testing processes. These changes will ensure a more reliable, stable code with each new release.

New and Improved Onboarding Guide

If you have opted into the new WooCommerce Home Screen via the Features settings, a new welcome modal will be presented to help guide you through setup. It was reimagined using a paged modal via the Gutenberg Guide component which is more in line with WordPress’ standards. It has also been improved for better accessibility, allowing for keyboard control and better text contrast for the visually impaired.

WooCommerce welcome screen modal


The WooCommerce REST API has been moved back into core to better manage and resolve any and all issues. This is, again, to help manage and improve the release cycle for updates and improvements to the API.

Notable Fixes and Improvements

There are many fixes and stability improvements in this release, including:

  1. The ability to hide the shipping cost until a complete address is entered. To do this, enable “hide shipping costs until an address is entered.”
  2. Coupon holds on pending orders are now released when an order is cancelled. As such, PayPal orders that are cancelled in checkout will no longer cause coupons in the cart to become invalid.
  3. Security improvements to coupon codes.

You can see a complete list of changes for this release on the changelog.txt file.

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