11 Ways to Build Traffic to your Small Business Website


“How do I get traffic to my website” is the $64,000 question. Website owners big and small spend a lot of time, money and energy figuring out strategies to drive qualified traffic to their website. While there are many, many, many, ways to promote your site online, I thought we’d take a look at some offline opportunities as well.

  • Corporate literature – Anything that leaves your office should be branded with your logo and your website. This includes: Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, Newsletters and direct mail marketing.
  • Print Advertising – Many local newspapers and newsletters offer free ads or low-cost ads. Taking advantage of these options may prove to be invaluable if the right person sees your ad.
  • Car Decal – If you have a car, why not have a decal? Decals come in all shapes and forms. You could have a magnetic decal or a bumper sticker with your website. Think about how many people you drive by throughout the day, everyone of those people is a sales opportunity. Disclaimer: This generally works better if you aren’t driving a hunk of junk.
  • T-Shirts – Have some company t-shirts printed up with your website on it and where it everywhere. Sports events, school functions, to the grocery store. Not only is it a great conversation starter but it can also be fashionable.
  • Answering machine message – Does your answering machine message have your website on it? Why not? Try something like: “Hello, you have reached the XYZ company, our offices are closed right now but we are available 24 hours on our website at www.xyzcompany.com”
  • Promotional Items – You can purchase pens, keychains, stress balls, or any other promotional product of your liking and print your website on them. Give them out at meetings, trade shows, and to clients.

Now for the true website marketing gems! These following internet marketing strategies are less utilized but can be very effective.

  • Request a song – Call up your favorite radio station and request a song from the staff at XYZcompany.com!
  • Ebay – Sell an item related to your product and have your website as the watermark on the photo.
  • Bookmarks – Create bookmarks with your website on them and donate them to a local library (Check with your local librarian first)
  • Custom Bags – Make custom Halloween bags with your website on it and give them to your trick or treaters.
  • Restaurant Menus – Sponsor a menu at a popular restaurant. Think about it, hundreds of hungry patrons ready to devour your website. Delicious!

As you can see, most of these marketing techniques are low-cost and only require a bit of your time, yet can provide hundreds if not thousands of new visitors to your site. If you are serious about your website’s success, continued updating, linking and traffic building techniques will keep your site moving in the right direction.

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