How Strong is Your Password?

In a previous post I discussed the importance of Password Security, both in terms of creating a strong password as a user, and encrypting them as a site administrator. In this post I’ll cover the ins and outs of the password strength score in WordPress and WooCommerce. The New Password Requirements Back in October 2013, with the release… Read more »

Three Tools to Help You Analyze Google AdWords Competitors

Competitive analysis is usually top of mind when an advertiser is creating a new paid search account. However, it is easy to get weighed down in optimizing your own data once things are going and neglect revisiting this area. But regular competitive analysis can help increase creativity and provide performance insight where you least expect.… Read more »

Is a Hamburger (Navicon) Menu Right for Desktop?

Minimalism in web design has been an ongoing trend over the past few years and continues to go strong. With an increased focus on simplicity and ease of navigation – it wasn’t long before web designers turned their sights on the ubiquitous website menu bar. Some designers going so far as hiding the main navigation… Read more »