What Exactly Is The Cloud?

If you’ve followed the Hall Blog feed over the past few years, you’ve seen a number of posts related to common questions from our clients and friends. As someone who’s been working professionally in the tech industry for over 15 years, I still get asked a lot of basic questions about marketing, the internet and… Read more »

Google’s New Stance on Popups and What it Means for Your Website

Recently, Google announced that it will begin penalizing the mobile search rankings of sites that use certain types of popups or ‘interstitials’, which block immediate access to site content by forcing the user to interact with a screen or dialog. Commonly, these types of popups are used to solicit newsletter signups, announce active sales, or… Read more »

How To Use Google Search Console Property Sets

Google now allows webmasters to group their Search Console properties into sets in their Search Console interface. Similarly to how Bing has always automatically grouped your Bing Webmaster Tools properties existing under a single domain into one property, Google has now added the capability to group this information without use of the API or a… Read more »