Business Owners Need to be More Involved with their Marketing Strategy

Shifting Some More….

Business Owners Taking a main role in their makrtingAs I discussed last week, traditional marketing is dying and as the power shift to buyers takes place – another power shift is also occurring. This is the shift towards the businesses’ owners being forced to become more and more involved in their own marketing.

In a traditional model, we would purchase an advertisement in a magazine and have a design and branding company create the ad as an outsourced service and then the magazine would deliver the ad as an outsourced service and we would pay both vendors for that service. For 30 days the ad would run with little involvement required. The service would exist for the month of that magazine in a static place – the pages.

If the ad is under performing, we could have the better part of a month before we can react to that messaging. Reacting to the message involved more services from the two vendors – for this reason it is easy to see why traditional marketing firms love print.

Adapting your internal marketing efforts

As the power to deliver your message shifts away from traditional advertising professionals, you need to adapt your internal marketing process. You can reach people every single day, several times a day, without waiting and without great expense.

You now have the power, the burden and the opportunity to deliver your message and connect with prospects and customers on an ongoing basis. This will involve additional internal resources, a defined strategy and a diligent approach.

Learning how to market without these traditional services will be critical to the survival and growth of every B2B company in the near future. It is important to understand this shift and how it will effect your company and your buyers. Accepting this shift and adjusting your marketing vision and strategy for many means disregarding much of what you valued in the past. The new dynamic rewards honesty, diligence and reality – things traditional marketing tends to avoid.

To succeed in this new market are you spreading your message through presentation or conversation?

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