How do I make a QR code?

What is a QR CodeWe talked a while ago about what a QR code is but I keep hearing from people that they aren’t sure how to make them. It is much easier than it may seem.

First, there are multiple QR code generators out there, a quick Google search and you should have dozens to choose from. You should not need to pay someone to make you a QR code.

I like to use the URL shortener,, to make the QR codes I use. It is simple to do and you can track how many people actually use the QR code. Just take the link to the page you want to use and shrink it in You will get a shortened link and in the upper right hand side there is a QR code you can use. Right click on the image, download it and add it to the marketing material you plan on using it on.

You know me, I care more about how well something works over how cool it is – so for me, is the free, easy, way to go! Happy QR code generating!

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