How to Be Heard on Facebook: Posting to Your Brand Page to Engage

1,000+ Facebook Likes equals 1,000+ eyeballs, right? Wrong.

Not all of your fans or followers are going to see those Facebook posts you’re so diligently putting out there. Facebook still favors the user and it customizes each user’s Newsfeed content based on how often said user engages with posts by friends and brands. Facebook does its best to make sure that all of those photos, links, video and status updates are as relevant to you as possible. It’s smart – the main reason why many of us suffer from the Facebook time suck from time to time.

So what does this mean for your Brand Page? It means that the more you post relevant, eye-catching content that engages your audience, the more likely you are to actually reach your audience. And it builds from there – think snowball effect.

Social engagement is kind of an art

Yes, I realize how nerdy I sound. But really, encouraging engagement among your audience does require a fine balance. If you’re too flashy, you look spammy. It’s important to walk that fine line: be eye-catching enough to gain some interest, but don’t go overboard. And above all, keep it relevant. Users Liked your Page because they are interested in what your business is about. But remember that most of them are not interested in seeing your entire catalog or menu of services in their Newsfeed. So let’s review the types of post content that will encourage your audience to click, like, share and comment.

Images, Images, Images

When Facebook changed to Timeline, visuals became King on the social network. And with good reason. Users notice and interact with them more. In fact, photo updates are given the most Newsfeed real estate, so if you can visually represent your content in any way, you should. Even if you’re sharing a link to a new study or article, see if you can spin it visually and post it as an image with the related link included in the post. Bonus points if it’s a trackable, shortened link.


Example of Facebook post with image


The second best thing is the link preview snippet that appears when you post a link on its own. That image is pulled from the URL so make sure the link you’re sharing has some sort of image on-page. If it doesn’t, add one if you can.

Example of Facebook link preview

Get Creative. Ask Questions. Prompt users to comment on your posts by asking questions or posing fill in the blanks relevant to your brand and target audience. Posts like this also add to the community feel that is important to maintain on Facebook. This is also a great way to learn more about your audience.

Add Value-Added Tips and Tricks. Give your audience a reason to listen more by providing them with valuable information that they need and/or care about. If you specialize in home décor, share decorating tips from your favorite sources. If you offer services to a specific industry, share current news from that space and try to highlight a tip or snippet from the article. This is also a great way to share your own blog posts and drive traffic to your site.

Don’t Forget to Tag. Any interaction with your post – even if it’s to click through to another page or location you have tagged – is thought to count towards Facebook’s edgerank. It’s also community-friendly. Depending on your post content, the Page you tag may also share your update with their audience.

Above all (if I haven’t said it enough) be relevant and authentic. Post content that your audience cares about. Keep it relatively light and conversational to build a community around your brand. With any luck, you’ll learn more about your audience – you’ll also figure out what works and what doesn’t. Increased engagement means increased visibility – and potential audience growth.

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