Keep That Site Up to Date!

Business people - Look at this

Tis the season for social media conferences and events! Recently I attended an all day social media event that gave attendees a lot of great ideas that they can apply to their own social media campaigns. There was excitement in the air as people talked about writing blog posts, updating Facebook and sending out tweets. All of this is great for SMO (Social Media Optimization, one of the words of the day!), but is your website prepared for this new traffic? People coming to your website from a social media campaign will expect the same timely, great information that is reflected in your campaign. Your website needs to demonstrate this!

Your Home Base

Your website is the hub of all information about you on the web. All of the social media and blogs that you work on are a great way to better your web presence, but can fall short if your website does not provide the most recent information about your company. Make sure your website is the authority on all your products, services and specials. This is where people will go to make the final decision about getting in touch with you or making a purchase so make sure the proper content is there and it is easy to follow through with the buy!

Keep It Going!

So before jumping in to all of the social media stuff, make sure your site is completely up to date. Once your site provides all the information that your visitors need, along with multiple conversion opportunities, then you can start creating your social media plan. Once you start working on your blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates, don’t just let your site just drop off! Create a plan to keep updating your website and stick with it. Staying up to date with everything can be hard, so always check to see how everything is working. A current site that has easy action items will keep your social media visitors well-informed and ready to do business with you!

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