Promote Products and Increase Conversions with WooCommerce Core Features

I recently gave a talk at the Greater Portland, Maine WordPress Meetup where I covered some of the features in WooCommerce core that can help store owners improve their site. These features are often underutilized or overlooked altogether. In this post, we are going to look at some of these features and how to use them.

Grouped Products

A Grouped Product is one of the WooCommerce default product types. It allows shop owners to group complimentary products together and gives customers a way to purchase these products as a set. A good use case for this is if your site was selling clothing and apparel you could create a group product that offered a full outfit. A grouped product can help promote all the products it is made up of, build internal links, and act as another landing page to help your site rank and appear in more search engine results. They also offer your customers an alternative user experience to help them to add and convert with more products from your site.

Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

Related Products are generally supported by most themes and don’t require much additional work as they are typically displayed on a single product page and are based off the product category and tags settings. Making sure you have and maintain your product categories and tags can greatly improve your SEO and make it easier for customers to find the products they want.

Up-Sells are products that are also displayed on a single product page that can be manually set when editing the product. This allows you to promote products to be purchased instead of the currently viewed product. This is typically used to promote products that are better quality or of a larger quantity and more profitable.

Cross-Sells are products promoted in the cart, based on the current product. Like Up-Sells, they can be manually set when editing the products and should be complementary items that would be purchased with the product. This can often lead to additional sales and allows customers to see products they may not have otherwise seen.


If you manage inventory in your store, enabling low stock notifications can be a helpful push for users to make a purchase. This, along with the Stock Display Format setting, notifies users on the product page when the stock is low, displaying a message such as “Only 2 left in stock” vs. “In stock”. Showing there are only a few items left can create the fear of missing out and convince the customer to make the purchase.

Often a site will try and use an obtrusive pop-up plugin to help advertise to customers but WooCommerce comes with built-in Store Notifications in its core. This allows you to enter a site-wide message shown to everyone visiting your store. These can be used to be informative (letting customers know of shipping delays) or promotional. They can even be scheduled to appear at a future date to coincide with a coupon or sale.


All of the features mentioned above are free as a part of WooCommerce core. Additionally, there are plenty of resources and documentation on these features. With just a little more attention to the proper settings, these features can help increase sales, improve conversions, and market your web store.

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