Interacting with an External API with WordPress

The ability to utilize another company’s API (Application Programming Interface) is an extremely useful skill in any programmer’s arsenal. An API is essentially an interface a company provides that allows programmers to connect to their services in order to receive data and perform actions. There are different types of APIs, but in most cases, it… Read more »

Optimizing Your Content for Voice Search

Alexa! Siri? OK, Google. No matter what smart device(s) you address, there’s no doubt that voice search is continuing to grow, and as SEO specialists and content creators, we need to continue making adjustments accordingly. Because voice search is used in a particular way, content should be crafted with consideration to long-tail keywords and queries.… Read more »

What’s Wrong with My Website? A Guide for Website Support

Needing emergency website support is never a good thing, but mistakes sometimes get made and have to be resolved. Recently, WordPress Developer and Core Contributor from BlueHost, William Earnhardt, gave a talk at WordCamp Boston on debugging and troubleshooting: “Why Isn’t This Working? Tips for Debugging in WordPress.” Using this and our weekly developer training… Read more »

Tapping into Google Trends

Are you selling products or services that are affected by region or seasonality? Or popularity? Your online marketing campaigns could benefit from the database of search information that Google Trends serves up in addition to the real-time search trends. What Does Google Trends Show? This often-overlooked tool illustrates the popularity of search terms compared to… Read more »