Optimizing Your Content for Voice Search

Alexa! Siri? OK, Google. No matter what smart device(s) you address, there’s no doubt that voice search is continuing to grow, and as SEO specialists and content creators, we need to continue making adjustments accordingly. Because voice search is used in a particular way, content should be crafted with consideration to long-tail keywords and queries. Below are a few ways you can optimize your content for those searching by voice.

Check Your Page Speed Performance

When someone is typing a question into a search engine, they’re seeking a quick information exchange. And when they’re asking out loud, they’re expecting an even quicker response. This is not just an expectation, but the reality of voice search. Voice results have a significantly faster delivery time compared to queries performed on a desktop, loading in approximately half the time of the typical web page. With this in mind, make sure your website is up-to-speed across every device.

Write Digestible Content

Writing content that’s clear, concise, and digestible will make it more appealing to Google (and in turn, those who are searching). Google is more likely to use information from your site when it’s written succinctly and at around a 9th-grade reading level. Simple answers and short sentences perform best when it comes to voice search results.

Another way to create quality content is to write with specific questions in mind. Think about the popular queries you’re going after and use these to structure your long-form posts. This will help keep you on track to deliver the answers people search for. It could even lead you to the very top spot on a SERP⁠—a featured snippet. Featured snippets are often used as answers to voice queries.

Pay Attention to the SERPs

Your overall ranking in the SERPs will help determine whether or not you will be chosen as a voice search result. Be sure to apply all of the elements you normally would to create a well-optimized page. Implement the proper metadata, perform keyword research, and focus on ranking well for the chance to perform in this space.

Additionally, since many voice searches are done with local intent, you’ll want to make sure you’re managing your local search presence. Claim your Google My Business profile and keep the information updated to properly reflect your business, if applicable.

Ultimately, Focus on Quality

In the end, you’ll want to consistently write and publish quality pieces of content. You’re on the right track when you’re providing your audience with information that’s useful and easy to comprehend.

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