Website Content Matters

Good content is the foundation of every website. A majority of your website traffic is there to either look at a product or service you sell or to gather information on what services and expertise you can offer in your industry.

Website technology has created easier avenues for all industries to present what they do best. There are multiple formats for this, from simple websites to interactive multimedia pieces to videos. But, don’t forget about what drives searches and the biggest reason most people stay on your site: the content.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you revised details about your services or products? When was the last time you wrote content about new technology or processes you’ve discovered and implemented? When was the last time you helped educate your users by providing them with an experienced overview of why the product you offer is the best?

In the past few years, as technology has changed, most companies have been making sure their site is up-to-date from a visual and technical standpoint but not taking the time to review, revise, and improve their on-page content. This makes a negative impact on searches and traffic.

I have a few tips on how to easily (and cheaply) add constructive content to your site that is not only a great resource for your users/visitors but will help you in ongoing organic searches.

Content Refreshing

This is the easiest as it entails reviewing and improving your existing content. Typical sites review and update their content when they have a new site designed or when they post those new services/products. It’s always good to review your existing site content at least once a year and look into ways to add to what you already have. Don’t be afraid to update any descriptive content for your services or products. Maybe you’ve improved a process or a service’s standards and want to expand on that — anything is good. Search engines will always pick up on an existing page that has been updated with new content and (usually) keywords. Don’t forget to focus on using keywords and keyword strings with terms you want to get found for in search engines. This will help you stay on top of your organic listings.

Blogs and News Posts

Another easy way to improve site content is to add new content as topics come up throughout the year. Most companies have either a blog or a news section, which allows them to post new pages that are time stamped and categorized. We always recommend a minimum of 1 post per month on your site and more often than that if you can. Offering professional insight from your industry, information about new products or services, and opinions on changes in the industry shows a great level of professional understanding of your services and industry. Blogs and news posts are a great way to add content with new keywords for more updated services and products. Search engines love new content and since each post is a new page, they will continually help you be at the top of related searches, but also keep you in front of the most recent topics and trends for your industry.

Case Studies and Expertise Pages

Often times companies are hesitant to write about new and emerging technologies or fail to notify their users of recent projects or services they have provided. Creating an area for items such as case studies will allow you to not only talk more about items you’ve created or are working on but also give the advantage of adding new pages to the site that contain specific content and keywords that relate to those services.

Always keep in mind that although content is easy to update on your website, it shouldn’t be overlooked as a large tool you can use to transform users into clients. Also, depending on the industry, the correct information will not only make the users more comfortable on your site, but also reinforce that you are an expert in your services and industry.

I always recommend coming up with a content schedule for the year with an outline for various topics to blog about and also plans on reviewing and improving content and pages throughout your site. Then it’s just a simple matter of going through the steps and updating where it’s needed or in areas you feel your company has improved or expanded upon.
The web is only getting larger and it is the small and easy methods like I outlined above that can keep you ahead of the pack.

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