The Value of Conversion Tracking

Your paid search campaigns are underway, and your website is getting traffic, but what are your goals? Do you want someone to contact you or sign up for a newsletter? Do you want visitors to make a purchase? One of the most important methods of measuring the success of online advertising is to create goals,… Read more »

Get More Out of Your Responsive Search Ads

Earlier this week Google introduced an ad strength indicator and reporting statistics for responsive search ads that will be rolling out in early September. Good news for advertisers, right! Now managing and optimizing all of those possible responsive search ad combinations will be a lot easier and less stressful. Are You Using Responsive Search Ads?… Read more »

Google Rebrands and Updates

This summer Google has been making changes. Pretty notable ones, too. Google Adwords = Google Ads Recently, Google rolled out some changes to their ad platform. Change can be good and we hope this update is on the right track. Google explained the reason for the rebrand, Google Ads, was in an effort of responding… Read more »

Ad Extensions You Should Be Using Today (Part 2)

Now that some of the basic ad extensions have been covered, we are going to dive into the other possible extensions that can really take your ad to the next level and help to meet those marketing goals you have set for your business. Affiliate Location Affiliate Location extensions are not to be confused with… Read more »